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About me:

I am a Professor of Economics at Queen Mary University of London, School of Economics and Finance since August 2023. I am also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) since December 2020. I got my PhD from the Toulouse School of Economics in October 2009. My publications and research papers are here and my full CV is here.

I am on sabbatical leave in the 2023/2024 academic year. I am visiting CREI January - March 2024.

Research interests:

Risk sharing, Consumption, Optimal taxation, Dynamic contracts

Fields: Macroeconomics, Public Finance

Contact details:

School of Economics and Finance
Mile End Road
London, E1 4NS
United Kingdom

Email: s.laczo[at]


Sarolta Laczó
(Sharolta Latso)



Pareto-Improving Optimal Capital and Labor Taxes (2023) with Katharina Greulich and Albert Marcet 

Journal of Political Economy 131(7), pp. 1904-1946.

(Online Appendix)

Time-Consistent Consumption Taxation (2020) with Raffaele Rossi
Journal of Monetary Economics 114, pp. 194-220.

Efficient Risk Sharing with Limited Commitment and Storage (2018) with Árpád Ábrahám
Review of Economic Studies 85(3), pp. 1389-1424.

Matching to Share Risk without Commitment (2018) with Johannes Gierlinger
Economic Journal 118, pp. 2003-2031.

Risk Sharing with Limited Commitment and Preference Heterogeneity: Structural Estimation and Testing (2015)
Journal of the European Economic Association 13(2), pp. 265-292.

(Online Appendix)

Does Risk Sharing Increase with Risk Aversion and Risk when Commitment is Limited? (2014)
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 46, pp. 237-251.


Research papers

Efficient Risk Sharing and Separation (January 2024) with Árpád Ábrahám, revised and resubmitted (3rd round) to the 

Journal of Economic Theory

(Online Appendix)


Work in progress

Joint Saving with Separation with Árpád Ábrahám

Consensus Time-Consistency with Albert Marcet

Last updated: 22 January 2024

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